Concerns over individuals in delapidated buildings along Joburg Rail Lines

Concerns have been raised by officials regarding the individuals who are living in abandoned buildings alongside the Joburg Rail Lines after a deadly fire claimed the lives of at least two children.

The city of Joburg is highly condensed with a population of over 5.6 million as of a 2023 census.

Much of this population is forced to live in abandoned or dilapidated housing, the likes of which can easily trap smoke or enable the spreading of fire.

In a building fire event, those within are particularly challenged to escape and the building itself is likely to struggle to maintain its foundation as the fire tears away at key parts of the infrastructure.

Following the building fire which took place in Joburg in the middle of June, the mayor quickly arrived on the scene to understand the situation. City mayor Kabelo Gwamanda said the condition of the building did not meet the health and safety standards of the city.

Gwamanda said the building that caught fire on Thursday night was previously declared unfit for habitation, which didn’t stop it from being illegally occupied.

The city mourns those who lost their lives in the fire, having put in temporary relief efforts for those who were affected by the fire.

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