Confluent launches data access controls for more secure data streaming in the cloud

Global data streaming platform Confluent has announced new capabilities as part of its Q2 2022 launch strategy.

New features include customer lag monitoring, clear organisation of data and integration with Grafana Cloud. The Expanded Confluent Cloud Metrics API delivers enterprise-wide observability to optimise data streaming performance across the entire Confluent service.

These capabilities are increasingly important as more businesses bring their data streaming workloads to the cloud to avoid the operational overhead of infrastructure management.

Ganesh Srinivasan, Chief Product Officer at Confluent, said: “Every company is in a race to transform their business and take advantage of the simplicity of cloud computing.

“However, migrating to the cloud often comes with tradeoffs on security, monitoring insights, and uptime guarantees. With this launch, we make it possible to achieve those fundamental requirements without added complexity, so organisations can start innovating in the cloud faster.”

Last year, Confluent introduced RBAC for Confluent Cloud, enabling customers to streamline their process for critical resources like production environments, sensitive clusters, and billing details, and making role-based permissions simpler. With today’s launch, RBAC now covers access to individual Kafka resources including topics, consumer groups, and transactional IDs. It allows organisations to set clear roles and responsibilities for administrators, operators, and developers, allowing them to access only the data specifically required for their jobs on both data and control planes.

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