Cyberx Africa

Cyberx Africa is now underway.

Speakers at the top of various industries have come together to discuss balancing security, innovations, boosting cyber resilience and cyber capacity across the African continent, implementing zero-trust strategies and more.

In the wake of rising data breaches in Q1 2023, Cyberx Africa stands as more important than ever before.

A recent report highlighted South Africa ranking 6th in the world regarding cybercrime density, costing the country an estimated R2.2 Billion Annually.

Through innovative and industry-defining conventions such as Cyberx Africa Summit 2023, Africa as a continent, including South Africa, continues to counter threats from across the cyber-landscape, including threats to network security and threat intelligence.

These threats will be countered from valuable insights and information given through panel discussions and seasoned speakers. Previous speakers at the summit have included:

Rex Mafiana, CEO of FPG Technologies

Anna Collard, SVP Content Strategy and Evangelist, Know Be4Africa

Dr Muktar Bello, Head of Quality Control and Assurance Section, UNODC, Nigeria.

Alongside pushing forward an agenda to combat cyber threats, the Summit will also take time to enable effective networking sessions, bringing together businesses at the top of their industries and allowing them to build, transform and enhance each other’s cybersecurity solutions.

Find out more details, and how to attend the Summit, through the official website:

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