Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection improves its eastern Africa presence

A partnership between Twakei Vehicle Fire Protection and Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection will amplify Dafo’s presence in eastern Africa and help to improve lead times and customer support.

Caroline Wambua, Director at Twakei, said of the new partnership: “We are very excited to join Dafo Vehicle’s family because it complements our service offering, and will lower the total cost of ownership for our customers while protecting the environment.”

Twakei is a specialist engineering company that provides fire-suppression services in Keyna, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda, Sudan, Eritrea, Southern Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi and Somalia.

Fredrik Rosen, Dafo Vehicle Business Manager for Africa, also notes that the relationship between the two firms will help to support the mining industry in particular: “We are glad to increase our presence in eastern Africa and especially within the mining industry as we through this partnership are now able to support our customers with shorter lead times. Our commitment to the mining industry includes retrofitting and servicing fire-suppression systems for all types of heavy-duty mining vehicles, both for underground applications and open-pit applications.”

The move will mean enhanced protection for many customers, as Dafo’s global expertise will complement Twakei’s local portfolio. Wambua concluded: “Dafo Vehicle’s global experience and product portfolio synergize with our local expertise to expand the potential offering to clients in many segments from mining, construction, agriculture, etc. We are now able to tailor-make complete vehicle fire-protection solutions and services and to help ensure that heavy-duty vehicles and equipment can be equipped and protected for our customers in the region.”

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