Danati Fire & Safety improves investigation time

Danati Fire & Safety – a leading investigator of fires and explosions in South Africa – has been improving its investigating time thanks to the Tiger VOC detector.

The tool is able to indicate where a higher-than-usual concentration of VOC may be present at the scene of a fire, which will prompt the investigator to take the appropriate samples for lab testing. It is proving helpful to the company, where previously investigators would be reliant on their interpretation of burn patterns and their sense of smell to detect the presence of VOCs.

Danati’s Lead Fire Investigator, Danny Joubert, said: “The Tiger adds a new dimension, and has allowed a far more thorough screening of debris to take place whilst the investigator is moving through the scene.

“The unit is very sensitive, allowing the investigators to disregard debris that might otherwise have been collected and subjected to expensive laboratory testing. Certified for use in explosive atmospheres, with high levels of sensitivity and resistance to interference from humidity or contamination, the Tiger is the only handheld instrument of its kind in South Africa, so it has allowed Danati bragging rights, which is always a morale booster!”

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