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As a global provider of wireless networking and IP Surveillance solutions, AirLive was founded 1993, as the first company to introduce Fast-Ethernet NIC and Switches when IEEE 802.3u standard was established in 1996. AirLive is committed to developing innovative new products and provide networking and surveillance solutions that can increase clients' return of investment and use fewer resources to complete the projects.

AirLive continually meets the global Surveillance Networking system and solution needs for the clients in various applications such as home consumers, all sized office, enterprises, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, public contractions and WLAN service environment.

About AirLive

With nearly twenty-year networking expertise, AirLive stands for the high performance and top value to Government, Banking Telso/ISP/WISP, Education, Hotel, system integrators (SI), distributors in the world. “ Simple yet powerful networking”, AirLive provides high quality / performance and reliable total solutions to AirLive partners and continuously devotes itself to provide the innovative products and solution to connect people’s lives across the globe as “AirLive is in your Life”.

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