Doros Hadjizenonos, Fortinet on Cybersecurity Talent Gap in Africa

Doros Hadjizenonos, regional director for Southern Africa at Fortinet, believes that young South Africans can benefit from the current cyber security skills gap and turn it into a lucrative and satisfying profession.

“Employers around the world are actively seeking cyber security professionals with a range of skills”, says Hadjizenonos.

Like much of the world, South Africa is seeing a tech renaissance as of late. One such area which is rapidly growing in modernity and demand is that of cyber-security.

Technology is advancing at an incredible pace, Doros Hadjizenonos from Fortinet expresses a common sentiment, that cyber-security will be more and more in demand and that there is currently a large gap in demand in the marketplace, waiting for cyber-security professionals who are appropriately trained, to fill that demand.

A recent 2023 Global Cybersecurity Skills Gap Report showed that most organisations are looking to hire more security staff, but are struggling to fill vacant positions.

At the Security Middle East Conference in 2023, our sister magazine, Security Middle East, looked at the expansive talent gap within Saudi Arabia, and the way in which education and careers need to feed individuals along a predetermined path allowing them to have all of the skills required to then fulfil the demands of this emerging job role.

Read more from the interview with Doros Hadjizenonos and the impressions he shared regarding the cyber-security ecosystem.

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