EOC launches Thermal by FLIR early fire detection system

Teledyne FLIR announced that Eye on Cloud (EOC) Tech, a video security and thermal imaging IP camera company, will use the Teledyne FLIR Lepton® radiometric thermal camera module in its early fire detection (EFD) series of IP cameras.

EOC has plans to introduce the series of EFD cameras as part of its Thermal by FLIR collaboration.

The early-detection cameras HI1612-OH and HI1612-MW, deliver an ultra-sensitive, radiometric fire detection system for built environments and electric vehicle charging stations on a twenty-four-hour basis.

Offering continuous monitoring of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations as well as infrastructure, security, and facility applications, the cameras will identify elevated heat before ignition.

The cameras will improve safety and allow fire personnel to attend to the fire quicker than if they were to be notified by a traditional smoke alarm once the flame has already ignited.

Mike Walters, Vice President of Product Development, at Teledyne FLIR said: “We developed the Thermal by FLIR program to support customer innovations for new and developing applications.

“EOC Tech and its work with early fire detection for EV charging stations and other built environments is a natural collaboration for the FLIR Lepton and Thermal by FLIR program.”

Dong Gyun Shin, CEO, EOC Tech explained: “Substation, building, and EV parking facility managers, including shopping centers and office buildings, need solutions that will help them better detect fires that can threaten life and property.

“Our line of EFD dual thermal-visible camera systems developed as part of the Thermal by FLIR program provide a relatively low cost yet effective method to identity potential fires before they ignite.”

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