Fire at Onitsha petrol station

Fire broke out on Sunday evening at a petrol station in Onitsha, Anambra.

According to preliminary investigations a truck which was waiting inside the fuel station waiting to have its contents offloaded, caught fire and exploded around 7.30pm.

Although fire crews were summoned immediately, heavy traffic delayed their arrival, according to eye witnesses. This delay meant that the fire was able to spread to a second and third filling station, causing further explosions.

One they had arrived the Anambra Fire Service tackled the raging inferno to prevent it from spreading any further.

FRSC Anambra State, DRC Margaret B Onabe said “At about 19:30hours 12 December 2021, a tanker laden with Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) exploded at Chris-Tee filling station near Boromeo roundabout, Onitsha”.

She confirmed that the fire originated at Chris-Tee Gas plant, before fanning out to nearby fuelling stations, Chris-Tee and Silver. It is thought that a mechanic’s workshop which shares a boundary with one of the stations was also badly damaged.

A Police Command spokesperson confirmed that the cause of the explosion, extent of the damage and number of casualties has yet to be ascertained.

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