Fire Control Doors – Cruise Ships to Highrise Buildings

Typically used on cruise ships, large compound-material doors are slid shut in the event of a fire, with panels in different sections of the shutter, that leave room for smoke to dissipate.

These Advanced Pneumatic Marine Doors automatically shut, with magnets or through other means, in the event of a fire. Multiple means of closing and opening the doors mean they are effective at managing the spread of a fire, and yet allowing individuals to move through a cruise ship, even when power onboard has failed.

Through managing the direction of the fire, it can be led into a completely fire-resistant area and appropriately trapped there.

Even in a scenario where the fire is completely under control, smoke still poses the largest threat, spreading quickly through the air and potentially causing life-long damage to those inhaling it.

However, these control doors also have means of managing the flow of smoke. Small, controllable panels which are part of the larger doors, are opened up either remotely or by a certified professional on board, allowing for the smoke to escape in batches, either dissipating into the air, or being carried off-ship.

In some cases, smoke or fire can be trapped in a particular area, allowing it to burn through oxygen at a quick pace, diminishing itself.

The similarities between cruise ships and highrise buildings are significant, both in layout, size of rooms and many amenities that highrise buildings utilize.

Fire Control doors with all their benefits, operating in heat and beyond, can be used in highrises in built-up urban areas prevalent in the Middle East.


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