Fire Protection Research Foundation receives funding for research projects

The Fire Protection Research Foundation (FPRF) – the research arm of the NFPA – has received funding from three sources to support its advisory projects. The Federal Emergency Management Agency Assistance to Firefighters Grant (FEMA AFG), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and National Science Foundation (NSF) have all provided funding.

The FPRF projects are to include:

  • A three-year research and development grant for Improved PPE Cleaning Best Practices/Exposure Assessment so that best practices for PPE cleaning and exposure assessment methods can be established and communicated.
  • A two-year Fire Prevention & Safety grant for Application of Immersive Learning on Firefighter Skills, Health and Safety During Training Calls to identify, assess and summarise the available and emerging technological tools, techniques and innovations.
  • A one-year grant for WUI-NITY 3: Multi-Method Traffic Movement Data Collection for WUI Fire Evacuation Modelling to enhance life safety in wildland-urban interface fires.
  • A one-year project led by the Consumer Product Safety Commission: Survey on Usage and Functionality of Smoke Alarms and CO Alarms in Households.

The FPRF will also serve in an advisory capacity for several other confirmed grants. The NFPA has been working on a new standard as part of the Response and Responder Safety Document Consolidation Plan.

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