Firefighting Grenades

The firefighting marketplace continues to rapidly evolve, with new innovative technologies being introduced to the marketplace on a regular basis.

In a recent article, we looked at innovative Sonic Fire Extinguishers, and what they could offer the industry.

A much older concept, but one which is just as effective, is the use of Fire Fighting Grenades.

The original concept involved glass bulbs, filled with extinguishing compounds, which would be induced via a catalyst and thrown into a fire, allowing the extinguishing compounds to do their work. This has been iterated many times, with the function being the same.

Now, ‘grenades’ of sorts are used. Compounds within the grenades react to the temperature of the fire, expanding within and causing an explosion of fire-fighting powders and chemicals to flood an area, combatting a fire.

Like Sonic Fire Extinguishers, it is the multiple applications that make this a perfect tool for the average fire-fighting team. The grenades can be used by firefighting robots and drones alike. Quickly clearing up large areas.

Unlike, the Sonic Fire Extinguisher however, the Fire-Fighting grenade cannot distinguish what its covering is, meaning sensitive items could be further damaged by the force of the explosion or the effects of the fire-fighting chemicals involved.

Such grenades have been used for many years, in particular scenarios where they are called for. Future innovations on these Fire-Fighting grenades will open them up to being used, in more and more fire scenarios.

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