Flooding continues in Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Burundi and Malawi

Our previous article looked at sudden flash flooding in Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia –  and new information is being revealed through local reports regarding the widespread damage and further flooding in Burundi and Malawi.

Flooding has spread beyond the initially affected areas as wet weather conditions continue to plague the nation, with Burundi, Malawi and neighbouring states now facing flooding. Amid this, offices are abandoned, retail businesses are shut down, compromising livelihoods, and hundreds of thousands are seeking safe places to sleep.

South Africa has announced a state of emergency, with many regions’ fire and safety teams on high alert.

“South West and Jubaland states are the worst affected, with an estimated 268,243 and 268,365 people affected, respectively. In Hirshabelle, at least 145,800 people are reportedly affected, with 11,700 displaced following heavy rains on 05 November,” reported the United Nations Officer for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA).

“Up to 400 families (2,400 people) are believed to be trapped by floods in Luuq and efforts are ongoing to evacuate them urgently. In Baardheere, local authorities are appealing for urgent support for more than 14,000 families that have been cut off from the main town and are unable to replenish their domestic supplies.”

This will have long-term effects on South Africa, including damaging food security in the region, which was already at a historic low.

Find out more information about the crisis, and how to help, with the Kenya Red Cross.

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