French Anti drone company sets up Moroccan subsidiary

Cerbair is to set up a new subsidiary in Morocco – its first site on the African continent.

Cerbair Africa will be partnering with Delta Drone Africa, Moroccan subsidiary of the Delta Drone group, the French champion in the design of autonomous security drones and EM Digital group, leader in digitalization in Morocco. They will combine their experience of surveillance of sensitive sites by autonomous drone and protection against malicious drones.

Cerbair and Delta Drone Africa are setting up a demonstration site between Rabat and Casablanca. This facility in Morocco will be also a technical centre for maintenance, support and training.

Cerbair is a French leader in anti-drone detection and neutralisation solutions. The HYDRA system, composed of adaptable drone detection hardware and software driven by algorithms, allows security teams to detect, characterise, locate and neutralise malicious drones as well as to spot their pilots as soon as the remote control is on.

Founded in 2015 Cerbair, works with major corporate and institutional entities, such the Ministry of Defence, Interior, and Justice. It recently cooperated with the French Police elite force during the G7 Biarritz Convention and the Med7 in Corsica.

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