Gallagher’s perimeter technology achieves latest CPNI standards

Gallagher’s Electronic Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (E-PIDS) has been awarded the latest Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) standards.

CPNI is the UK government’s National Technical Authority for physical and personnel protective security and in order to meet the standards, Gallagher had to submit to rigorous testing. By gaining this recognition and with the company’s Z10 Tension Sensor added to the Catalogue for Security Equipment (CSE) for the first time, Gallagher has demonstrated its commitment to delivering high security solutions.

Gallagher has delivered systems to meet government compliance standards, particularly across the Five Eyes nations, for more than 20 years. The CSE is designed to help organisations choose the most appropriate physical security equipment for their needs.

Richard Huison, Regional General Manager for the UK and Europe at Gallagher, said: “To be listed in the CSE provides assurance for all customers, not just those in the high security and critical infrastructure space. Businesses of all sizes and industries are adopting the attitude ‘if it’s good enough for the government to use, then it’s good enough for my business as well’.”

In the latest round of CPNI testing, Gallagher’s Z10 Tension Sensor was included. The sensor measures the mechanical disturbance of a tensioned fence wire to raise an alarm should it be deflected during an attack. It reports measurements in real-time so that users can be notified promptly if it has been damaged or requires maintenance.

“Our Z10 Tension Sensor is an absolute game changer for perimeter detection,” said Huison. “It adds an extra layer of security to the system that increases the probability of detection, over and above the high probability of detection our Monitored Pulse Fence solution already provides.”

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