Gas Imaging Systems

Gas suppression and identification systems continue to evolve, with new innovations reaching the marketplace on a daily basis.

One such company bringing gas imaging system innovation to the marketplace is that of Teledyne FLIR. The company have a number of new products available on the marketplace, with one being a multi-purpose gas imaging system interface. This eliminates the need for secondary sampling with a toxic vapour analyser or similar tool.

Due to the way in which the thermal imaging and detection systems operate, they can be done at a greater range than other products on the market, this leads it to be a safer solution than the average gas imaging system on the market.

Most hydrocarbon gasses can cause short-term afflictions and long-term conditions to those carrying out the testing. By having the correct tools available, lives can be saved and individuals can be kept safe from illness and fire threats.

Teledyne FLIR has a number of Gas Imaging Systems on the market, such as the QL320.

Find out about the full range of Teledyne Fire Products via the official website. 

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