Genetec State of Physical Security – Africa embraces hybrid solutions

Genetec, a provider of unified security solutions has revealed today the findings of its 2024 state of security report. Insights suggest Africa is embracing new hybrid solutions as a means of modern security in the face of its rapidly evolving economy.

Genetec’s report is based on the insights of over 700 security leaders from across the Middle East and Africa and regularly gives insights into the latest trends and details the movement of the security marketplace in these regions.

According to the report, Cloud adoption is increasing across the continent of Africa with 40% of end users reporting that more than 30% of their physical security solutions now take a hybrid approach, or are located entirely within the cloud. This is a jump from the previous year’s 24%.

Source: Genetec

The finding suggests previous concerns regarding the cloud being a functional security solution are now diminishing.

IT and Physical security departments are becoming increasingly interconnected. 65% of end users indicated that the IT department has access to physical security data and access control data. Technology adoption continues to grow – as remote access from external networks becomes more common. The partnership between IT and physical security is expected to continue to grow in the continent of Africa.

The full findings of Genetec’s 2024 state of security report can be found on Genetec’s website:

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