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GESAB Technology certified in Cybersecurity against crime

GESAB has developed highly secure technological solutions for their implementation in the most critical control centers, guaranteeing its clients a safe development of activity both now and in the future.

The universal management platform DeskWall, as well as the DataWall videowall content manager, and APITool, the tool that allows interconnecting applications and modules to achieve process automation, have been certified by the company SmartHC in Security and Strategy after an exhaustive analysis.

The certification process involved extensive testing and an exhaustive analysis process on four fundamental pillars for any environment that implements a content management system connected to the network:

  • OWISAM (Open Wireless Security Assessment Methodology): verification of security controls on wireless communications networks to help identify risks, minimize the impact of computer attacks and guarantee the protection of Wireless infrastructures based on the 802.11 standard.
  • OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project): carrying out a web audit aimed at the security analysis of Web applications within the security audit framework.
  • PTES (Penetration Testing Execution Standard): evaluation of the vulnerabilities of the computer system through penetration tests throughout the entire process, allowing vulnerable gaps to be found through which hackers can access the system.
  • CVSS and CVE: use of the CVE list with unique identifiers to detect security vulnerabilities in software and systems classified according to their severity in the CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System).

Find out more about GESAB’s range and its worldwide application through the official website:

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