Ghana establishes forensic laboratory with firefighter training program

The Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) has announced plans to host training for firefighters alongside establishing a new forensic science laboratory.

The GFNS believes the training program would work as part of its exchange program, and would help expand the horizons of the service personnel whilst opening up new educational and logistics opportunities. The service will also offer a chance to view new and emerging trends within the fire service industry.

Chief Fire Officer for GFNS, Mr Julius A Kuunuor, explained that the national fire service had established a new forensic science laboratory at its national headquarters in Accra with the help of the National Insurance Commission. The laboratory is yet to be equipped and commissioned, but he confirmed it would be responsible for the examination and analysis of evidentiary materials, in areas including chemistry, arson, firearms, biochemistry and tracing evidence among others. The addition of the laboratory is thought to be a huge boost for the GFNS to help fire investigations and in-depth reports.

However Kuunuor also stressed that the GNFS would need assistance with the construction of the fire service college and the special hospital at Kyebi in the Eastern Region.

Divisional Officer Albert Aidoo of the Directorate of Policy Planning Monitoring and Evaluation said the GNFS existed with the vision to save lives and properties through firefighting, rehabilitation and other rescue services. Since being created in 1963, the GFNS has been credited with huge contribution to the wellbeing of Ghana.

In the past decades, Aidoo indicated that the GNFS has demonstrated through the delivery of its valued services, training and development of human resource capacity, competence in fire engineering and rescue, equipment tool and logistics as well as local and international reputations as a credible institution.

He said the service was working closely with the Civil Protection Department of the Republic of Malta to train officers in various capabilities such as forensics, fire investigation and report writing, incident command system, operational fire fighting among others. He also stressed that the service was preparing for the next batch of 20 officers to be deployed to Malta for their training in addition to the 40 that had already undergone the said training.

Malta Ambassador to Ghana, His Excellency Jean Claude Malea Galea assured the nation’s fire service of continued support and promised to strengthen the program’s work. He further pledged to work closely with the GFNS to train more officers in various capabilities to strengthen the operational capacities of personnel of the GNFS.

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