GJD Announce Clarius LT Economy Infra Red illuminator range

GJD, one of the world’s leading manufacturers and designers of innovative lighting products, recently announced its external Clarius® LT economy Infra-Red illuminator range. Offering powerful lighting, a long lifespan and minimum maintenance all at an unbeatable cost, the Clarius® LT is unrivaled where professional monitoring is required.

In addition to providing strong economic benefits, energy efficiency and ultra-low power consumption there are many other major benefits including a projected working life of over ten years, covert surveillance and seamless lighting. Keith Fenwick, Director of GJD said: “Clarius® LT lighting significantly enhances CCTV images and allows users to monitor activity in chosen areas without compromising on quality”.

Specifically designed to work in conjunction with monochrome or day and night cameras, the LT provides a light invisible to the human eye but fully visible to the CCTV camera. Each unit is fitted with integrated control circuitry to carefully control LED output, which delivers consistent illumination directed to the precise area where light is required.

Fitted with the very latest Dual Core LED technology and CleanLITE® lens coating as standard, the user can be assured of accurate lighting, providing excellent images at night time or in low light conditions. GJD’s LT technology is ideal for when a user requires covert surveillance and zero light pollution, whilst being able to observe the scene for movement and intruders.

Designed with flexibility in mind, it can be mounted to walls, poles and many other applications. The innovative product also has a vandal resistant impact rating of IK10 and can withstand harsh weather conditions, proved by its IP67 Weather Proof Rating.

Installation is quick and easy and GJD offer free UK and international technical support. The company also offers three years warranty protection.

The Clarius® LT range of Infra-Red LED illuminators is designed to provide first class leading performance, long life and ultra-low maintenance. GJD have recently announced an unbeatable Clarius LT distributor promotion, for more information please email info@gjd.co.uk or call +44 (0) 1706 363 998.

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