Group-IB to stream CyberCrimeCon

A global leader in the cybersecurity industry is set to stream its annual signature event, CyberCrimeCon on December 2 2021.

The Group-IB event marks the 10th edition of CyberCrimeCon, and will bring together more than 5,000 global cybersecurity pros for the threat hunting and intelligence conference.

As well as a chance for industry leaders to gather and discuss the most acute cybercrime trends, exchange threat data and learn from each other, it will also reveal research findings and investigation insights into the recent operations of nation state threat actors and cybercriminal syndicates.

Group-IB’s Hi-Tech Crime Trends Report will be released as a series of in-depth papers dedicated to different topics, including ransomware, financial sector threat landscape, phishing and more.

CyberCrimeCon is open to CISOs, CIOs, threat hunters, DFIR specialists, SOC experts, IT analysts, pentesters and researchers. The content will be streamed across five different time zones (Asia-Pacific – GMT+8 10-4pm; Europe – GMT+2 10-4pm; Middle East and Africa – GMT+4 10-4pm; North America – GMT-5 1-7pm; and Russia – GMT+3 10-4pm).

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