Help AG and Cribl announce partnership to strengthen data security

Cybersecurity specialists Help AG have joined up with Cribl; a leader in observability ecosystems and unified data pipelines.

The partnership will enable customers of Help AG in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia to adopt cost-effective data flow management tools and drive higher efficiency in secure data interpretation across their services. Additionally, the collaboration will see increased data security as Security Operations Centre (SOC) data volumes grow at an unprecedented pace and data budgets struggle to keep up.

The partnership between Help AG and Cribl will also leverage the unmatched expertise of both companies to enhance data fidelity for threat hunting and compliance through smart routing technology. Through its three core products, Cribl will support Help AG’s mission in making sure customers in the UAE and KSA are getting the fastest detection of any security threats through managed data flow, whilst also equipping them with the most optimised and efficient managed security services (MSS).

The key component of the partnership will be Cribl Stream, which is a streaming data processor which reshapes, enriches and routes data to manage logs from Help AG’s security information and event management (SIEM) and security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) solutions more efficiently. Additionally, Cribl’s other two core products – Cribl Edge and AppScope – will deploy vendor-agnostic agents to send observability data to any destination and enable the collection of advanced system metrics and data from Help AG client endpoints.

Commenting on the partnership, Stephan Berner, Chief Executive Officer at Help AG, said: “We are very pleased to work together with Cribl in our mission towards making data flow management tools more efficient and observability data more secure, while significantly reducing the cost of managing this data for our valued clients in the region. Cribl’s bespoke big data analytics solutions will grant our customers more visibility and control while maximising value from Help AG’s existing range of services, making observability even more beneficial and profitable for them.”

Hash Choudhuri, General Manager EMEA at Cribl, said: “We founded Cribl with the firm belief that collecting, analysing, and storing observability data does not need to be a trade-off for digital enterprises. That is why our agreement with Help AG will add value to their overall offering by making vendor and client data more secure and easy to interpret in the most efficient way. We are delighted by this opportunity to serve a rapidly growing base of customers and enterprises in UAE and KSA.”

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