HMS Trent to assist with naval missions on coast of Guinea

The UK Royal Navy has deployed the HMS Trent to assist with coast guard and naval missions along the coast of Guinea.

The team on board consists of security, support and training specialists – the Royal Marines’ 42 commando unit. The primary goal of the mission, which is backed up by a plethora of maritime forces from West African nations is to provide wider patrol groups, shutting down illegal operations on a much larger scale.

To assist with this goal, over 700x Naval Air Squadron Puma drones will be flown by specialists, using state-of-the-art cameras and tracking techniques to root out piracy along the gulf and isolate the sources of the daring operations.

“After spending the last few months operating off West Africa contributing to Maritime Security Operations, to be able to build on this by participating in such a large exercise to develop the security infrastructure and contribute to boarding training has been very satisfying,” said HMS Trent Operations Officer Lieutenant Ben Hunter.

Already the HMS Trent has completed its first round of anti-piracy operations within the gulf, and has begun preparations for the next.

The world economy is strengthened through the partnership, opening new gateways and continuing to ensure Africa is moved towards its goal of being a trade powerhouse.

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