Holmatro unveils Pentheon Series

Holmatro – manufacturers of high tech, high quality rescue tools – have released its next-gen Pentheon Series, to deliver an evolution in rescue tools technology.

As with all Holmatro solutions, the newest tools feature excellent speed, control and ease of battery management. But, this is further elevated thanks to unrivaled performance, superior usability and advanced connectivity.

The Pentheon Series introduced a dual-mode operation, with a reduced speed setting for training and demos, alongside the high-speed Pentheon speed. In addition, thanks to electronic motor control and pressure monitoring, Holmatro guarantees maximum power throughout the tool’s entire lifespan.

Safety has also been a key focus for the new launch with improvements to help protect those who are using the tools. LED indicators provide immediate feedback on the state of charge for the battery and its health, plus tool and battery temperature.

The Pentheon Series also benefits from the intuitive MyHolmatro app, which transforms mobile devices into tool extensions. As a result first responders are able to access real-time tool diagnostics, monitor battery and tool conditions and ensure equipment is ready for the next challenge.

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