Holographic image registry to be relaunched for copyright and fraud prevention

The secure registry of holographic images has been relaunched as the Security Image Register (SIR) to reflect the changing dynamics of the global security holography industry.

Established by the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA) to safeguard hologram copyright and the use of holograms in authentication and security printing, the former Hologram Image Register has been expanded and rebranded to reflect significant technological changes.

As it is the only system of its type for the authentication community, it aims to improve the security for the industry regarding security printing and aid the fight against fraud and forgery, reduce trade barriers by encouraging uniform practices around the world and satisfy clients’ increasing security needs.

However, one significant change shows the change in wording when speaking about holograms, as the technology will now be dubbed optical variable devices (OVD) technologies.

The SIR will be available to hologram producers, manufacturers of other optical variable devices, security printers, document designers, and central government and institutions.

This will allow them to verify that their security hologram design does not infringe on copyright or allow the unintentional copy of existing security holograms.

Dr Paul Dunn, the Chairman of IHMA said: “Over the years holograms have evolved into highly sophisticated security images and new processes have been introduced that are not conventional holograms in the strictest sense. The new look SIR reflects a rapidly changing sector, where hologram technology is increasingly a part of an integrated security to protect brands, profits and people. It represents a beneficial step forward, more accurately reflecting the way holograms and OVD’s are designed and used – undoubtedly facilitating an increase in the registration of images and secure their integrity.”

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