Honeywell Launches the New Solstice® E-Cooling heat transfer agents

Honeywell has announced the launch of a breakthrough platform of liquid heat transfer agents that cool high-performance electronics. These new heat transfer agents lower operational costs for applications such as data centers that use high-performance servers. This is seen to be a lot more effective and efficient that traditional methods. 

The Solstice E-Cooling uses a two-phase liquid cooling process to remove heat from electronic applications while reducing environmental impact. 

“Honeywell works to develop solutions that help the world prepare for the future, and with the global demand for more data and processing, there is an overwhelming need for efficient and effective cooling mechanisms,” said Chris LaPietra, vice president and general manager, Honeywell Stationary Refrigerants. “With Solstice E-Cooling, data centers and other high-performance electronics can increase efficiency while lowering costs and their carbon footprint.”

By 2023 data centers are expected to use 8% of the worlds electricity according to research by Global Markets Insights (GMI) with cooling systems accounting for 40% of energy consumption. 

Benefits of the Solstice E-Cooling process are that it allows for more energy-efficent and uniform cooling, increased heat rejection and reduced pumping power compared to single-phase liquid cooling. Solstice E-Cooling is also a dielectric solution, serving as an electrical insulator for equipment to prevent damage from contact with fluids.

Honeywell has produced a number of different heat transfer agents, including R-410A, Solstice yf, Solstice ze, and Solstice zd, Solstice E-Cooling allows for improved cooling capabilities while minimizing environmental impact. Along with its extensive heat transfer agent portfolio, Honeywell has commercialized applications to prove the viability of two-phase liquid cooling and to test products like Solstice E-Cooling for global adoption.

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