National Fire Protection Association turns to virtual reality fire training. (Credit: Unsplash)

How will AI impact the Fire-fighting industry

Africa is surging in technology at the moment, with fields such as data centres, the cloud and robotic technologies all advancing at a notable rate.

Artificial Intelligence is no exception, the innovative technology is being implemented in all sorts of devices. AI is now in cameras, vehicles, building architecture and more, all across various cities in Africa. Artificial Intelligence is also making an impact on the fire-fighting industry.

How will artificial intelligence impact the Firefighting industry in particular?

AI promises to enhance early detection, predictive modelling and early response systems.

The technology will utilize existing patterns and records to develop predictive modelling, able to understand changes in an environment and mark out where fires may begin – or where vulnerabilities lie within an establishment with regard to fire and safety.

In the event of a fire, AI will be able to map and analyze the spread and direction of a fire, presenting fire-fighters with a generated report that can effectively guide them to control and manage the fire – an element which is usually unpredictable in nature.

Alongside this, Artificial intelligence will be able to provide real-time updates, with complete knowledge of a facility and environment, real-time data can be sent to firefighters to ensure they are not trapped and enable them to better utilize an environment, they may not be fully aware of.

As Africa continues to grow in technology, fire-fighting industries and more, the implementation of AI will continue to be a hot-button topic, but the benefits of the technology cannot be dismissed.


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