Huawei to invest in Africa data centres and cyber security industries

Huwaei continues to promote local talent in South Africa through its use of the company’s LEAP programme.

Speaking on Thursday, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa commended Huawei for their work promoting digital talent through the Learned, Engaged, Accelerated Professionals programme, information and communication technologies and DigiSchool projects, all from the Huawei South Africa Innovation Centre during its launch.

The President stated that what he saw at the digital training centre was both impressive and encouraging.

“This centre brings together Huawei’s different business units in a collaboration hub with local partners, app developers and ICT-focused SMMEs. For South Africa, expanding digital infrastructure is one of the primary engines of economic growth [and] the development of information technology is key to the competitiveness of our economy,” President Ramaphosa said.

The President was further impressed with Huawei’s plans to invest substantially in data centres and cyber security industries across Africa, which aligns with the continent’s Africa Agenda 2063.

“The application of digital technologies to improve production processes spans a broad range of economic sectors from mining to ports to transportation and others. Last year, for example, the first 5G coal mine was launched in South Africa through a partnership with Huawei, its carrier and industry partners.

“This centre is a signal of Huawei’s confidence in the South African economy and its potential.”

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