IDEMIA to make estates safer and more secure with biometric technology

Access control experts and global security supplier IDEMIA have explained how the latest biometric technology can make estates feel more secure and safe.

Access control at residential estates is crucial, yet most of the commonly used systems today face several pitfalls. Gate remotes with flat batteries can leave residents stranded outside, access cards are easily misplaced, key codes can be forgotten, and all these devices can be stolen or intercepted which can leave every resident in the complex more vulnerable to criminal activity.

Nicolas Garcia, VP MEA, Biometric devices, at IDEMIA says the trend today is towards contactless biometric technology, which provides the ideal combination of security and ease-of-use.

He explained: “Historically, access control was provided through keys and locks or, more recently, access cards. However, how much can we rely on keys and cards to protect us from intruders when we know how easily they can be borrowed, lost, or stolen? In fact, they can never really offer valid assurance of who is accessing a building. This is where biometrics comes in. Every human being is already walking around with highly unique and measurable information – fingerprints, face and iris— not something you can forget!

“Biometric access control provides the tools that can leverage that unique data you carry around with you. Using this human factor, it’s possible to identify you with certainty in a frictionless and secure way. For unmatched security biometric data can be combined with something you already own, like your card or your smartphone.”

IDEMIA’s own VisionPass facial recognition access control technology provides near-motion one-second verification through multiple angles and in all light conditions, is efficient with medical masks, and resistant to all kinds of spoofing attempts. It integrates with MorphoWave™ Compact fingerprint devices, which can accurately scan up to four fingerprints in less than one second and is the market’s most efficient and hygienic range of contactless biometric devices for access control.

Convenience is key and for many residents they wish to be able to go in and out of access areas easily, but equally wish to feel safe and secure. This fine balance is something IDEMIA looks to address.

VisionPass can identify residents in less than one second. It works in all light conditions, from complete darkness to bright sunlight, with all face types and skin tones, and with various vertical and horizontal angles to cope with users of different heights. It also counters spoofing attempts from criminals presenting images or 3D masks to the camera to gain entry. Garcia added: “This is made possible through multiple cameras and powerful algorithms.”

Facial recognition usually is the first option at estates but contactless fingerprint scanning is also a valid alternative that ticks all the  same boxes. IDEMIA has seen successful implementations of both technologies at estates, as Garcia highlights: “At the end of the day, it all comes down to specific sites’ and users’ preferences: some will prefer to use their hand, while others prefer to present their face. Both, however, are at the forefront of residential estate security today.”

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