Immuta releases Immuta Detect

Immuta has released its latest product, Immuta Detect, providing timely insights into risky user data access behaviour for enhanced cloud data security posture and risk management.

The solutions enabled quicker and more accurate risk remediation as well as improved data security posture management. New features include:

  • Advanced access behaviour analytics – Immuta Detect consolidates data access logs so that data and security teams can continuously monitor and analyse changes in user behaviour and data access entitlements by source, query, or user activity, as well as gain insight into security configuration and data classification changes.
  • Sensitive data views and indicators – it provides a deep dive analysis of individual user and data activity, summarising activity across several factors including time frame, data access events categorisation, most active data sources, and sensitive data indicators.

Risk severity detection and scoring – the solution automatically scores data based on how sensitive it is and how it is protected (such as data masking or a stated purpose for accessing it) so that data and security teams can prioritise risks and get real-time alerts about potential security incidents.

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