Intercede to Launch Enterprise Managed FIDO Authentication with YubiKeys at Authenticate 2023

Intercede, the global leader in digital identities, today announced that it will launch a solution for Enterprise Managed FIDO Authentication, at Authenticate 2023 in California.

Last year it was reported that Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems were installed on approximately 1.4 billion active devices, a large percentage of which will be used for work purposes. Within a single enterprise, a plethora of different mechanisms are being used to login to Windows with varying degrees of security, convenience and cost. By launching Enterprise Managed FIDO with YubiKeys, Intercede is enabling organisations to centralise and standardise the entire process of logging on and accessing applications.

Passwords, PKI and Windows Hello for Business can all be replaced with highly secure and phishing-resistant FIDO authentication, using Intercede’s enterprise multi-factor authentication (MFA) software and the award-winning YubiKey hardware authentication security key, from its FIDO technology partner – Yubico.

“With the cyber threat landscape continuing to evolve rapidly, solutions that benefit from the use of FIDO credentials are more critical than ever,” said Derek Hanson, VP of Solutions Architecture and Alliances.

Chief Product Officer at Intercede, Allen Storey, states: “Until now, this level of authentication was the preserve of the largest enterprises and public administrations who can afford to invest in complex PKI-based solutions. This new solution brings the benefits of secure and simple FIDO authentication to the Enterprise, regardless as to whether the organisation is using on-premise, desktop, cloud or different versions of Windows.”

Additional authentication technology comes at a time when Africa is seeing a surge in Data centres. Find out more from Intercede on their official site. 

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