Is your Security System ready for changing weather conditions?

Across South Africa, weather conditions are becoming extremely turbulent, changing from one extreme to another. Are your security systems ready for the changing weather conditions?

“Seasonal changes mean that you should test to see if everything is still working as well as it should. Recent heavy rainfall for example could require some parts of the system to be replaced,” explains Charnel Hattingh, Group Head of Communications and Marketing at Fidelity Services Group.

Hattingh is speaking in relation to Home Security Systems, such as exterior cameras on buildings, alarm systems and the like, which protect property from intruders. Heavy rainfall and strong winds can damage this technology, especially in older models.

“It ultimately boils down to testing your system today so that you can have peace of mind that it is properly working when you need it tomorrow. A proper system once-over is also very useful, in the same way, that your car goes for regular service checks.”

Usually, testing your security systems is extremely intuitive, with the installation of your device will come subroutines and means of testing these devices. Should any issues be found, call the support number associated with your product.

Summers in South Africa are particularly inconsistent within forms of weather, with high temperatures marred by heavy rainfall, such conditions can easily trigger false alarms, creating even more stress.

Find out more about how wet and windy weather conditions can affect alarm systems. 

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