Kaspersky analysis finds regions most prone to online threats

To mark the 9th annual Cyber Security Weekend, experts from Kaspersky discussed the evolution of Africa’s cyber threat landscape in a world where dangers are evolving.

The conference was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and specific trends attendees saw included Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is influencing modern threats, according to Kaspersky.

Amin Hasbini, director of META Research Center Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT), Kaspersky said: “As the cybersecurity landscape evolves, cyber threats continue to become diverse and sophisticated.

“This trend is particularly evident due to the emergence of advanced technologies like AI and the escalating geopolitical and economic turbulence within the Middle East, Turkiye, Africa (META) region. These factors collectively contribute to the surge in cybercrime and the heightened complexity of cyberattacks.”

Kaspersky’s analysis found that online threats caused by vulnerabilities on web pages, in emails or in web services are overwhelming in Keny (41.8%), South Africa (35%) Egypt (27.4%).

The conference panel explored ways to create impenetrable protections against such threats, with Kaspersky’s analysis adding weight to the ever-growing need for cyber security.

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