Kentec Sigma ZXT extinguishing range completes BETA testing

Kentec Electronics has released its Sigma ZXT single-area extinguishing control panel for general purchase, after completing full BETA field testing in South Africa, Europe and the UK.

The panel benefits from new functionality, an improved display and multiple configuration options for a targeted response to a fire incident.

By enabling targeted extinguishing, through a single-area extinguishing release system, damage can be limited and costs reduced. Three conventional detection zones provide the alarm ‘trigger’ needed to activate the release of extinguishant. The system can be configured to release the extinguishant on an alarm for any single zone or combination of multiple zones.

The system is compliant with EN12094-1. It can also be configured in such a way that two extinguishing outputs are provided, either working jointly or as a main and reserved output. With the latter option, the customer can return the system to a functional state quickly post-release, as it is connected to two sets of extinguishing gas cylinders.

Kevin Swann, Managing Director at Kentec, commented: “It is fully programmable through the front fascia, with clear password and access menu structures for easy configuration. With straight-forward separate access for users and engineers the product is designed to be easy to use for both installer and end user. Single-area functionality enables targeted extinguishing that has clear cost benefits for the occupying business.”

One of the new features on the Sigma ZXT is the event log. This records event data from the panel such as alarms, faults, configuration changes and includes a time and date stamp. Having this historical visibility is critical for diagnostics, identifying the cause of alarms and faults, as well as reasons for activations. Up to 1,000 events can be stored, and then viewed through either the LCD or downloaded and saved with Kentec’s LE2 software.

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