Library & bookstore surveillance with Fisheye IP cameras

Libraries & bookstores are places that need continuous monitoring. There are often cases of book-theft, thefts by pickpockets, burglary to steal equipment of library (bookstore) and so on. It is important to ensure an adequate level of security readers and library (bookstore) staff. This can be achieved by the installation of few standard dome or bullet cameras at critical points, but it’s an expensive solution and might not have the best monitoring range. In addition to the cost of multiple cameras it’s necessary to buy the NVR, or software that will enable the monitoring of all sites from one control center. Another option, which is a cheaper and more convenient to use is choice of the camera with a fisheye lens that with proper installation will provide a 360° viewing angle and replace multiple conventional cameras with a single fisheye IP camera with its excellent monitoring range.

AirLive has a new portfolio of fisheye IP cameras – FE-501OD for external surveillance and FE-201DM / FE-501DM for inside applications. These models with 5 and 2 megapixel sensors provide a high quality image, and a fisheye lens allows you to monitor a much larger area than a conventional camera. Surveillance system in library (bookstore) should be able to record a large amount of detail block less and to record video in poor lighting conditions. AirLive fisheye cameras can record videos at 0,1 Lux without IR LEDs and also provides a convenient ePTZ function to navigate on image and zoom critical sites. The key feature is possibility to set Region of Interest – a selected area from main screen to split screen, which provides more details of image without changing the view. Besides ability to record videos on NVR HDD and remote server, AirLive cameras are equipped with microSD slot for saving files on local storage in case of network failure. Support for Power over Ethernet technology makes instalation easy in all environments without accessing to a power source.

The library(bookstore) also needs to monitor your employees – for job control and check whether there is provided a high standard of service. It is also important to monitor the place of taking delivery, since there are often accidents and thefts of goods. AirLive has developed camera management software – CamPro Express, which allows you to easily configure and support multiple fisheye cameras mounted in the object. It is important to be able to view and record multiple channels simultaneously. AirLive fisheye cameras are great solution for surveillance places such as libraries, markets and gas stations.

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