Majority of survey respondents don’t care if the AI in their video security is biased

A report from Pro-Vigil has found that 62% of survey respondents say they don’t care or aren’t sure if they care if the AI used in their video security is biased. In addition, more than a third (37%) say that as long as their video system was doing its job well at deterring crime, they wouldn’t do anything to stop it using unethical algorithms.

The stats suggest that video security users are more concerned about their system being effective than any potential bias issues.

While it also found that most people understand whether AI was being used by their surveillance systems, people were more likely to say they didn’t use artificial intelligence as part of it (64%).

Just 21% said they did use AI to support their video security systems. Yet nearly 90% confessed to now knowing how to check to see if their AI video surveillance system was biased or not.

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