Malawi immigration service network targeted in cyber attack

The Malawi government has paused passport issuing after a cyber-attack against the immigration service’s computer network caused a “serious national security breach.”

President Lazarus Chakwera told MPs that the hackers attempted to negotiate a ransom, however, they will not be bartered with.

He said: “We are not in the business of appeasing criminals with public money, nor are we in the business of negotiating with those who attack our country.”

Malawi nationals are increasingly applying for passports due to migration needs and job opportunities.

Chakwera claimed that he had given the immigration department three weeks to provide a temporary solution until the system could regain control.

However, Malawi officials previously maintained that they were not issuing passports due to “a technical glitch.”

Chakwera went on to admit that the service had been “hacked” recently, though the culprits remain unknown.

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