N-Raven precision loitering munitions announced at IDEX 2023

The ground-breaking N-Raven loitering munition will begin production in April this year with the first delivery expected in October, to meet the demands of armed forces around the world.

Announced at the International Defence Exhibition & Conference (IDEX 2023) in Abu Dhabi, Paramount has developed the N-Raven with the quick transfer of technology in mind. The intention is to allow governments to develop N-Raven loitering munitions in their own countries in less than one year after the announcement.

With a wingspan of 3.6 meters, a maximum cruise speed of up to 180 km/hr and a loitering endurance time of roughly two hours (electric) and four and a half hours (petrol) with an actionable range of up to 100 km, the 55 kg N-raven has the capability to find, fix, destroy, neutralise and suppress targets across a range of missions and landscapes.

Mobile and deployable in a short period of time, operational units can launch the N-Raven from both land-based and naval platforms.

The N-Raven has the capability to strengthen armed forces aerial reconnaissance, engagement and precision strike capabilities, while removing humans from harm’s way in the process, the N-Raven is the perfect method to bolster a government’s defence industrial autonomy and maintain security of supply, according to Paramount Global CEO, Steve Griessel.

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