New non-fluorinated foam solution for sprinkler systems

Johnson Controls has introduced a non-fluorinated foam solution for sprinkler systems that offer outstanding performance.

NFF-331 3X3 is available under the Ansul, Chemguard and Skum brands and is a GreenScreen Certified Silver formulation that is readily biodegradable per OECD 01F.

The firefighting industry has increasingly been moving towards non-fluorinated foam due to the adverse impact it can have on both the health of the people working with it and the environment.

NFF-331 3X3 is based on the latest evolution of non-fluorinated foam technology from Johnson Controls. The foam concentrate delivers outstanding suppression performance in system installations.

It is UL-162 listed:

  •  As an alcohol-resistant synthetic fluorine free foam (AR-SFFF) concentrate for use on hydrocarbon and polar solvent fuel fires.
    •    For fixed system foam firefighting applications using standard proportioning equipment with Type 2 and Type 3 discharge devices.
    •    For use with 5.6k, 8.0k, & 11.2k sprinklers.

NFF-331 3×3 AR-SFFF is also EN1568:2018 Part 3 and 4 tested.

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