New report finds 75% of firms struggle to recruit and retain cyber experts

According to the latest KPMG report, KPMG’s Africa Cyber Security Outlook 2022 Survey: Addressing Cybersecurity, 75% of firms are struggling to recruit and retain cyber talent. The report also highlighted that only one in three had access to a sufficient talent pool.

Whilst businesses are struggling to retain cyber talent, cyber attacks are still imminent. John Anyanwu, a partner and head of Cyber Security at KPMG Nigeria & Africa Cyber lead, explained that more than 50 percent of businesses that have recently fallen victim to cybercrime, still feel that they lack confidence in the effectiveness of their cyber security incident response team’s action during a major cyber security incident.

Anyanwu said: “We need to change the way we recruit in this sector by improving the recruitment process and requirements, looking at non-traditional degrees, offering competitive salaries and of course looking at external collaborations with educational institutions to build skills, develop in-house talent and outsourcing of skills to those in the know. Without this shift, we may be left behind.”

The report found that cyber strategy in Africa is more mature than ever before, with 75 percent of companies having strategies that are either regularly refreshed or have been built in alignment with the organisation’s threat profile.

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