Nigeria and Korea to work together to boost Nigeria's military security. Credit: Pixabay

Nigeria and Korea to work together to boost Nigeria’s military security

Nigeria and Korea are to forge an alliance to boost Nigeria’s military security.

Lyeo Woon-ki, President of the Korea-Africa Foundation, explained how the partnership comes as South Africa becomes the major trading partner for Korea.

He said: “The trade volume between Nigeria and Korea is bigger than between Korea and South Africa. In 2021, the figure was around $2 billion and by the half of this year, the figure has gone beyond $1.5 billion. All of these happened despite the COVID-19 pandemic and limited trading. We are sure it will be about two billion dollars by the end of the current year. The balance of trade between both countries is almost equal.”

Young-chae also revealed that Nigeria and the Korean Republic are working on signing a military pact to boost the security of Nigeria.

He added: “Korea has emerged as one of the strongest military formations in the world. The feat was achieved basically as a survival strategy because of the nature of our existence. I think it will be good if Nigeria and the Korean Republic strike an agreement on military cooperation. Indeed, the Nigerian Minister of Defence had paid a visit to Seoul recently in that regard. I hope this is done very soon as Nigeria continues to battle Boko Haram and banditry.”

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