Oncam ups its game with C-Series 360-degree video cameras with multi-mode add-on

Oncam has released updated firmware called Multi-Mode for its compact C-Series cameras which means that users can then choose from five different views and stream up to four of them simultaneously.

With the updated C-Series, stakeholders are empowered to record everything that happens within a scene with the 360-degree video coverage and at the same time configure alternate and more natural looking views tailored on specific needs. The enhanced functionalities of the C-Series continue to be powered by the Qualcomm® Vision Intelligence Platform, which spans a full range of system-on-chips (SoCs) designed for running compute-intensive workloads at the edge of the network.

“Multi-Mode delivers unrivalled camera flexibility, all from one camera,” said Dilen Thakrar, product manager, Oncam. “This camera solution can be tailored to many needs. Whether an operator requires a 360-degree camera, a panoramic camera, or both at the same time, the C-Series can exceed the expectations of 360-video today. Being able to offer this level of versatility all from the same camera ensures we can meet many more uses cases whilst providing simpler configuration, ordering and stocking processes for our partners.

Since launching the C-Series in 2020, Oncam and its partners have been expanding the adoption of 360-degree video surveillance across the globe. These efforts have resulted in significant growth with enterprises turning to its intelligent video solutions to support mission-critical use cases.

“Video is a core data source generated from IoT deployments and 360-degree video is an integral part of this ecosystem,” said Jérôme Jacqmin, senior director business development, Qualcomm Communications S.A.R.L. “Our continued collaboration with Oncam contributes to the development of the innovative video solutions that enable organizations to enhance their digital transformation strategies. We believe that together, we are pushing the envelope of what is possible with video.”


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