Oum Teboul – Tunisia border closed due to fire

The sky is painted a grim orange, as a result of a week-long fire that Tunisian firefighters have been battling to get under control, at the border between Oum Teboul and Tunisia.

Tunisia firefighters have been battling the blaze which has continued to expand, prompting the closing of the border by Algeria’s Regional Commission for Disaster Prevention and Relief Organisation.

The fire began last Tuesday, in the forest near the city of Tarbuka, which sits on the border between Algeria and Tunisia.

The lockdown of the border has led to disruption for travellers, both holiday go-ers and participating in business travel alike.

Algerian authorities have called for tourists to postpone travel plans indefinitely amidst concern over the currently unknown long-term effects of the fires.

Firefighting teams have begun coordinating and working together to get the fire under control in the coming days, with relief efforts expected to be long-term and the border expected to be closed for some time.

Fire Middle East will continue to monitor the situation as it unravels.

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