Perimeter protection experts GJD release new wireless motion detectors

GJD has announced the launch of two new external wireless motion detectors to provide powerful intruder detection and perimeter protection solutions.

GJD are an award-winning manufacturer and designer of smart electronic perimeter detection and high-performance LED illumination equipment. The two new products are the ‘D-TECT X Dual Tech’ and the ‘D-TECT Universal Dual Tech’.

Both of the detectors are battery powered and include a Quad PIR sensor module, which provides much better reliability compared to standard PIR detectors. Each sensor module needs to trigger simultaneously in order to activate, creating a significantly higher resistance to false/unwanted alarms. They also have a built in Microwave sensor which only triggers if motion is detected. The added benefit of Microwave technology combined with the Quad PIR ensures that false alarms are almost impossible, making the detectors perfect in a variety of ever changing weather and traffic conditions.

Ana Maria Sagra-Smith, GJD’s Sales and Marketing Director commented: The new detectors are aesthetically pleasing, extremely reliable and versatile. Their wireless design ensures quick installation, easy repositioning and can be moved anywhere as required which is ideal for temporary installations.”

The D-TECT X Dual Tech can be linked to GJD’s D-TECT X wireless Receiver, which has a communication range of up to 500 metres. It is also IP65 weatherproof and tamper protected. The D-TECT X Dual Tech can be linked in its base form to 4 detectors, which can then be further expanded up to 16 detectors using GJD’s Expander Module. Making it an ideal solution in the perimeter protection of small and large outdoor spaces.

The D-TECT Universal Dual Tech is built with three independent negative outputs to connect to third party transmitter modules providing alarm, tamper and low battery switching; making this detector very useful for a variety of situations. Another key benefit of the D-TECT Universal Dual Tech is that the direction of the covert sensor electronics is invisible to the human eye, providing extra safety.

Front and rear tamper switches are fitted in both products to prevent tampering. For example, if someone attempts to open the sensor then it will immediately trigger an alarm.

The detection range for both detectors is 15m x 15m with an orientation of 180 degrees pan and 90 degrees tilt. The mounting height is up to 6 metres, but it is recommended that the optimum mounting height is 3 metres. The housing is made from a high impact ABS IP65 plastic.

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