New security platform from PESA for command and control applications

US security company PESA has announced the official release of its Secura VDS-IP platform for highly secure 4K video, audio, control, and KVM distribution. Secura protects multiple classifications of content from both internal and external threats, whether in a sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF), command and control (C2) for government agencies, operations briefing centres, broadcast control rooms, airports, or sporting venues. For defence applications, the intelligence community, other government agencies, and major corporations, Secura supports a highly secure C2 centre providing continuity of operations (COOP).

Secura is said to be the only live enterprise-architected video distribution platform with embedded encryption in all flows from source to glass. The platform facilitates better situational awareness by providing extremely low-latency, perfect-to-the-pixel, 4Kp60 4:4:4 images. Secura also declutters the workspace by enabling all encrypted signals to traverse one IP cable, reducing cable management by at least 50%. Plus, Secura’s small endpoints can be mounted behind monitors or racked beneath desks, further clearing the workspace.

“Because Secura is not constrained to stovepipe, legacy, purpose-built hardware, it is extremely flexible and enables new workflows that were not possible before,” said Howard Sutton, PESA chairman and CEO. “Secura is equally at home in a SCIF C2 environment, as well as in a board room, in a briefing room, or on board a cruise ship.”

To ensure protection from inside threats, Secura uses JITC-certified IP switches and secure encrypted IP video, audio, KVM, and USB endpoints. Secura encrypts the video and audio essences, in addition to the control and USB signals, so that the data is protected from information leaks, either intentional or accidental.

“Secura secures not only the control signals, but also the actual video and audio essence, preventing both accidental and intentional viewing of content,” said PESA chief technology officer Scott Barella. “For a VDS-IP solution to be good enough for government and military systems, all IP components must be encrypted, including endpoints and control interfaces such as touch panels. Secura meets that goal.”

PESA’s long-standing history of providing mission-critical solutions to many military and civilian government facilities demonstrates the quality and reliability of PESA systems. With the release of Secura, the ultra-secure workflows at the heart of all mission-critical applications can be trusted to provide accurate, high-quality situational awareness for the best decisions every time.

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