Poor Data Maintenance damaging African Businesses

Africa is seeing an influx of Data Centres popping up across South Africa, more stress is being placed on businesses to maintain the quality of their data.

Gary Allemann, Managing Director from Master Data Management discusses the importance of data integrity, security and availability as vital aspects of modern business, and how a lack of data maintenance is leading to data load shedding.

The term data load shedding is used to refer to the consequences that arise from not properly maintaining and managing data. Just like the South African power grid experiences disruptions and blackouts due to lack of maintenance and poor planning, the mismanagement of data can lead to similar disruptions and losses in the digital realm.

Inadequate data maintenance disrupts operations, impairs productivity, and dissatisfies customers, resulting in financial losses.

Without adequate data maintenance, data can be permanently lost due to hardware failures, software glitches, or accidental deletions which wipe out critical data.

To counter this, regular data maintenance practices must be upkept, such as data backups, updates and error checks. Data must also be consistently checked for accuracy and quality, by doing so, both the company that holds the data remains reliable, and the data in question can continue to be used by the business in question.

Neglecting data maintenance can lead to severe consequences, including operational disruptions, data loss, security breaches, missed opportunities, and legal repercussions. Proper data maintenance practices are essential to ensure data integrity, security, and availability.

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