Research project on vehicle fire risks

A growing number of electric and hybrid vehicles are driving on roads and a new research project funded by Sweden’s innovation agency Vinnova – Strategic vehicle research and innovation (FFI), where risks posed by lithium-ion vehicle batteries will be addressed and investigated.

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden has initiated this project focusing on how fire risks posed by lithium-ion batteries in vehicles should be managed.

“With this new project – in which RISE, Scania, the Swedish Association of Vehicle Workshops (SFVF), Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection AB, NEVS and Fogmaker are also participating. We will map the fire risks associated with lithium-ion batteries and mitigating the consequences of fires in electric and hybrid vehicles” says Johan Balstad, Business Area Manager, Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection AB. “The big increase in electric vehicles and the transition to renewable fuels means that this is a very important and exciting project” Balstad continued “This work will lead to future safety solutions, including system design and battery placement”.

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