Revader Security launch next-generation redeployable CCTV solutions

Revader Security today announced the release of its 2016 range of redeployable video solutions, which deliver a unique capability to fulfil the entire range of surveillance tasks in harsh environments.

Demand for high specification surveillance technology continues to grow as governments, councils, police and security specifiers look to redeployable CCTV for maximum flexibility and cost effectiveness.

The latest range of redeployable video solutions from Revader Security delivers a combined image capture, recording and remote monitoring capability while allowing users to rapidly reposition units to respond to changing demands. This enables operators to cover potentially large geographical areas with only a limited number of cameras, and provides a significant saving on traditional CCTV systems, which incur large infrastructure, human and maintenance costs and cannot be reconfigured at short notice.

The new product line boasts a range of innovative features, which the company states are unmatched by their competitors. The products are engineered to defence-level specifications and are able to withstand the most extreme environmental conditions, which make them particularly suited to hazardous outdoor environments.

Integrated IR lamps allow video to be captured at day or night, with the footage saved to on-board large capacity edge storage. The PTZ and 360 degree cameras can be controlled and monitored via a low-bandwidth link, and downloaded remotely in HD quality via wired, wireless and mobile (3G & 4G) networks.

Revader units are able to operate on a standalone basis or can be networked together and controlled from any number of remote locations. They are also able to be integrated into existing CCTV systems and support a range of video management software (VMS) platforms.

The product range offers a variety of power options, with units able to operate from mains, battery, Power over Ethernet (PoE) and renewable sources such as solar panels and turbines. Internal backup batteries are provided as standard in all Transit models.

Stuart Caldecourt, Managing Director at Revader Security, said “We are excited to be bring these new and improved products to market at a time when mainstream CCTV users are beginning to realise the range of benefits that redeployable surveillance can deliver. We are receiving an unprecedented level of enquiries for the products to be used in an ever broader range of scenarios, from housing estates to construction sites, schools, town centres, and also remote locations to combat flytipping.”

Visitors to the Security Twenty 16 Midlands conference and exhibition on 4th February will be among the first to see live demonstrations of the new product range. Visitors should register to attend the event by clicking here.

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