Richards Bay woodchip fire now under control

A runaway fire that began in a woodchip factory in Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, is now under control, say city authorities.

The fire began on early Saturday, localised entirely within the woodchip plant, however strong winds carried the fire, causing blazes to split along the humid cityscape.

Authorities now say the fire is under control, however, windy conditions pose a challenge as they continue to fan the flames.

Preliminary investigations show an improper initial response, allowing the fire to reach the conveyor belt system, and then spread to other parts of the factory through this.

Helicopters, organised teams and more continue to battle the fire on the ground while the factory fire continues, however, authorities ensure that everything is under control.

Meanwhile, costs for the factory owners are expected to be in the billions, as they face months of non-operations.

Around 200 workers have been affected, the public has been urged to stay away from the area entirely, as the wind could still start new fires.

No fatalities or injuries have currently been reported.

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