Robotic police project helps enforce lockdown in Tunisia

A Tunisian police project is using surveillance robots to help impose lockdown restrictions. The ‘P-Guard’ project robot has been deployed on the streets of the Tunisian capitol by the interior ministry.

The robot is manufactured by a company called Enova Robotics and was originally designed for security patrols of sensitive open areas. The P-Guard delivers 360° zero blind-spot surround imagery and is equipped with two Vivotek MS9390-HV 180° panoramic network cameras.

The MS9390-HV cameras feature dual 4-megapixel wide-angle lenses, 180° panoramic views, and IR illuminators effective up to 20 metres. The face-shaped housing design of MS9390-HV is perfectly matched to the robot appearance and makes the P-Guard robot look friendlier to citizens.

With its field-beating cameras, Lidar technology and extensive network connectivity, the P-Guard can be remotely operated to perform security missions to all corners of the city ,making sure that people are staying at home during the nationwide quarantine.

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